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My musings

Kahlan Amnell
16 August 1983
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Not much to tell really. I likes to read a lot. I love Fiction Press and some authors you should defenitly read are Relentless Bibliophile, i_nv_u50, Ree, Lilias, mithmaulin and others whose names I don't remember. I'm generally quiet...with most people. My best friend doesn't have a livejournal account so I can't direct you there. Sorry :) I don't really use this account for anything other than joining communities so that I can read more stuff, but I do comment sometimes.

I love Doctor Who. I don't think that there are enough words in th world to describe how much I love Doctor WHo and Torchwood, David Tennant too. It's just an amazing show and if you haven't watched it you really, really, really should :D

P.S. I am over 18.