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Oh, wow. God. I just realized that i never posted anything about "The Kite Runner." What a fsking omission that is.

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It’s okay baby, mommy’s just being a cranky bum because she’s been kicked out of the Art Association for punching a member of the board of directors. It’s not your fault.

I don't know why, but my brain imagined either Paul or Pete holding a little kid while either Mike or Amanda vent steam over how "s/he deserved it" and I spent the whole dinner snickering quietly.

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1. My feet are warm. How novel.

2. Pretty Story


I really should be doing my homework instead of spamming f-lists... but I don't want to draw. ::pout::

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The Prestige. Was. Amazing. It is now my favourite movie next to "V for Vendetta" It was just so very, very good. The actors were good, the storyline was nothing short of a masterpiece. Of course there will be people who disagree, but I definitely recommend it. It was good. Very good. I need pocky.
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I am horribly, horribly spoiled. I can no longer read badfic. AT ALL. It's so very, very evil. And not only badfic, I simply cannot read anything that is below my very, very high standards. I can't stand rambling, bad dialogue, too much description, long introductions, over-explanations, bad OCs the list goes on. I have been spoiled by peole like hal and Maya... Damn you for being so good, damn you. Damn you too inkstainedwords. You're all evil. Raising my standards like that. ::is huffy:: Bah.

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God, I just read Your Every Wish and I cried for... half an hour at least. My nose is all stuffed up. Even if you don't read Harry Potter fanfiction, it's still a must-read because it's the most heartwrenchingly, beauterfully miserable, wonderfully-written thing I've ever read. It's so damn hopeless, and so goddamn SAD. It's like that one time when you know that you screwed up so very, very badly, that nothing you can ever do can make it right again. When you know that you could have done something to save someone else, but didn't. And it's all drawn out over several years. God it's sad. My nose is still all stuffed up. God. Read it. Now. Here http://www.lasairandmaya.com/youreverywish.html

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I am now officially avoiding homework... frankly I find that sad. Why am I in an art program if I suck at drawing? I wonder... In other news, out teacher decided that our next art assignment is to create a poster for the Santa Claus Parade and then enter it in a contest. Bleugh. I don't LIKE the Santa Claus Parade. I went once when I was ten and I thought it was rather boring. But now we have to make a poster that "highlights the importance of the parade as a Toronto tradition, and combine the modern and the traditional in a poster that ignores the fact that the parade is a commercialized pile of bullshit for children under the age of five" You can tell that I improvized at the end a little bit. But still. :(

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Most stories are like
Grainss of sand shaped into life
Caught like butterflies.

Most stories are like
Torrents of make-believe that
Make up innocence.

But some stories are
Like quicksand of honey bees
Made of gold and death.

Comments? Flames? Bombs?

In other news, I got pocky, lime jelly and The Lost Colony. I'm in geekdom heaven :D

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Current Novel: The Lost Colony ::dances::

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Aren't I special?

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"I'm pathetic."

"You're not pathetic."

I pressed in closer, "I am."

"Fine." He wasn't supposed to agree dammit, "But at least you're a cute pathetic person. That's better than just being pathetic."

"You're not supposed to agree with me."

"Hush. I said you were cute."

Aaaand that is the sort of thing that starts me jumping up and down in time with the fuzzies in my head. Innit cute? This is the third time I'm re-reading Burning Paper Houses. I would stop if it weren't so goddamned cute/funny/well-written. Damn you SatisfyAnEmptyInside, damn you for producing such an adorable thing. Anyways, School starts tomorrow. Hehe. I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or not. In any case, my best friend is having her braces fitted for the first half of the day which means I have to walk there and spend lunch alone. Scary things. I don't really  like anybody in my class except for maybe one or two people.  So in any case, I should bring a book. Well, this is all I have to rant about  at the moment so retire I shall.

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